sábado, 26 de Julho de 2014

Twenty-third week @ Erasmus


Today I woke up at 1 p.m. because we were suppose to have one last lunch, with Simon and Luisa, at my place. We went to Anna's kitchen and it was just me, them and Duda until Luca and Michele arrived as well. The atmosphere wasn't the best. Luisa was really sad and you could notice that just by looking at her.

I went to Luisa's place to help her and Simon with the bags. We took the bus to the station and I went with them to the platform where we said goodbye. I thought I would be crying everytime I said goodbye to people but I genuinely feel that this wasn't a goodbye at all, it was one "a presto" (specially with Luisa, she's coming to Portugal in March!).

I managed to sell my mixer, so after I left my friends in the train, I met a guy who was going to buy it. It was raining like hell, I was confused because I didn't know where to meet him but after all I found him. I felt like I was selling drugs but apart from that it was completely normal.

I had some businesses to do in the city hall (deregister myself) and then I had to go to Agora to print and scan some things. I went to Duda's place and then we went to Alice's to have dinner there with Michele and Luca. Tonight was the last time of the guys so we went to The Capital because they wanted to see a match. I just stay there speaking with my father on viber and asking him if there is food in my house (lol).

After the match, we went to Luca's place. Me, Duda and Michele had a great time actually. We just spoke about stupid things, laugh, saw pictures, took them... After Luca arrived we just stayed there until 5.30 a.m.. We died basically. Or I did. I also record some videos of them singing. Oh God, so preciouuus.


Today I had a greeaat breakfast at Duda's place. Yesterday the guys left some food at Alice's but I took a package of croissants (NHOM!). He had Nutella so you can imagine what I ate right? I went home but I didn't stay that long because then Duda called me saying I should go to Luca's place because they were there and it was the moment of saying goodbye (again) (che palle, I hate saying goodbye!).

Michele had to something before he went home so actually he left us first. Then, me and Luca just stayed in his studio doing him some company while he was cleaning his fridge. In the moment of saying goodbye, we had a huge group hug and then, me and Duda came to my place. I had to do my bags to Lisbon and also Paris. At a certain point, Duda went home but he quickly came to my place.

We had a HUGEEEEEE dinner (I didn't eat a shit all day), we saw Big Bang Theory and then went to bed at 11.30 p.m.. Tomorrow we are going to wake up at 5 (yey....).


Paris, Paris, Paris avec mon amour.

So, Paris is amazing. I've been there for two times but a) the first time I don't remember anything because I was too young and b) nothing like going with friends. I always went with my parents and I noticed we have different styles during the trips (although in both cases we walk a lot).

Paris was exhausting. I reached a new level of tiredness I thought I had reached in Dublin. Well, NOPE. We walked a lot but we saw a lot as well. I love Paris but the food is quite expensive.

What did we see.... Well, pretty much everything there is to tourists to see. One thing I didn't like it was in a restaurant: me and Duda were already sitted when I saw, in the menu, that the clients were obligated to eat a principal dish. Well, I didn't want to eat and the principal dishes were like.. 4? Well, basically we went away. So embarassing!

Also, I didn't think the French people were so not like.. likeable. You hear all this stupid stereotypes and I thought they were nice. Or maybe the guy in oen restaurant thought I was cute.

On Sunday me and Duda arrived around 11 p.m. and we were starving and really tired but we went to Oude Markt because Bertolucci and Alice were there. I wactually saw João and Felipe so I spoke with them while the last match of the World Cup was passing on the television.

Around midnight, we went to my place, had pasta and went to bed.


Last hours. 

Well, I woke up early, around 10 something because I still had to close my bags, to eat, to clean I don't know what... I felt really sad, everytime I remember some things I had tears in my eyes...

I gave some food to Duda and then I discovered American girls that were going to stay in Copal during Summer so I told them to use the rest of my food (I really didn't want to throw it way and I felt so happy I could be useful for them).

Duda helped me with the bags, with the garbage, with basically everything I needed. He took me to the station and then, all the tears were basically waiting for that moment. I cried a lot. Like, a lot. You know what is a lot? It's a LOT. I cried before I enter the train, in the train, during the trip to the Airport... Oh God.

Then, you know. i had more than 30 kilos to carry so I was busy making fun out of myself. What wasn't funny at all was me paying 90 euros for extra luggage, but yeah. I don't wanna talk about it.

When I arrived at the airport, the first thing you think is that everybody speaks your own language. Then, I saw my friends and my parents, it was amazing. Well, I stink and I was starving but somehow, when I saw them, I had like a shot of adrenaline so it looked like I was on crack.

Entering your home is like entering a new house. Entering your room is just... Too much. I didn't even remember my room looking like that. Later, I had my first skype call with Duda. It was so strange to see him on the screen when a couple of hours ago I was with him personally.


So basically this is how it ends. I already posted a lot of things about Erasmus so I don't have nothing else to add. I just want to say that every single one of us should do it. It was the best time of my life and I hope I will ever be so happy like I was.


Never plan your life.
Universe will always be in charge.


Enjoy every hour. 
Every minute.
Every second.
Because you don't know when is going to be the last time. 
Or the last smile. Or laugh.
Just enjoy life.
Because then you might know what regret is.
And I'm telling you.
It's not good.

quarta-feira, 23 de Julho de 2014

One week after Erasmus

It has been hard. Ok maybe not that hard. Depending on the days, depending on the mood. I strongly believe that while obsessing over this stupid thing I'm obsessing about (not worthy a mention on my blog, of course) I'm just missing some big parts of my day. But it has to be like this, I know. It will be worthy in the end, when I think I'll be happier. So now, I'm just enjoying each moment (not in the best way, but everytime I'm sad I try to feel better, it's just so hard), not expecting much and trying to act calm although inside I'm acting like a crazy person I know I am.

quarta-feira, 16 de Julho de 2014

Nothing like friendship

After this experience, my concept of friendship just changed and made me a better person.

Twenty-second week @ Erasmus


Today I woke up at noon and I went to my residence. Today I didn't do a shit, days are starting to get really boring around here. I was in the computer, just doing nothing and then I spoke with Luisa asking if it was ok for me to pass by her house. Of course it was. I just had something to eat and went directly to her place where we spoke about nothing and everything.

Duda called me and asked me where I was. He bought beers for my birthday party tonight and he needed to put them somewhere. Since I was at Luisa's, they stayed there. Me and Luisa did our nails, just heard some music, you know, basic girly stuff. Meanwhile, since Duda was there also, we were just randomly there. However, at a certain time I had to go home to get ready. It was my first time in years that I didn't have a special outfit for the occasion. Oh well. I also cooked because people were suppose to bring or food or drinks, and of course, I was going to contribute to my own party.

Duda appeared when I was ready and he helped me getting kotbar ready for the party. People started to appear, although as good italians, not on time.Tobia and Gabi were the first ones and since there was a ball there, the three guys just had a lot of fun (so easy to entertain guys!).

After everyone appeared, we went outside, to the garden, to eat. It was quite cool, the weather wasn't that bad at all. Here I have to say that around 9 p.m., Simon called me and he was at my door. He couldn't go to the party but he left me a present: Eristoff and a postcard. It was really nice of him, my first present!

Damiano also brought a bottle of vodka, because people just know my reputation with vodka. Well, you know where this story is going to end right? They sang me happy birthday (in croatian, arabic, english, portuguese and italian!) and we went inside and did the party right there because we had a cool space and a loooots of drinks. Well, I got pretty drunk. Like, really really drunk. Of course I ended my night on the floor, with people trying to put me on my feet (mission impossible right here). Luisa, Anna and Duda helped me and took care of me. We had those cars people use to do grocery. Can you imagine what they did? They put me inside (seriously, I don't know how) and put me on my room where I throw up probably three times. Poor Luisa. Thank you my love! I basically died at 3 a.m.. I'm really the worst host ever, and c'mon, it was my birthday party! BAH.


Dear vodka, I really love you but these hangovers are getting really bad. And today I had the W-O-R-S-T hangover of my life. Usually I wake up with a ligh headache. This time I vomited water and my stomach and head killed me until 6 p.m. in the afternoon (which is really a lot for me, so you can imagine my state yesterday.........). I woke up at 9 a.m. feeling really really bad. Went to the bathroom and in the way I met Anna. And then I just felt the urge to vomit. Disgusting. I went to bed around 12 a.m. and then I slept for 2 hours. 

Actually, when I woke up I discovered Duda sleeping in the other bed which was really surprising. I wasn't expected him there. After waking up I was going to search for Anna and I found Alessandra in Anna's kitchen and Anna and Dea were in the corridor, so I joined them. I had my leftovers and ate first. I finished before they started to eat, so we just went to the garden. They ate, I watch. Everytime they spoke about beers or some random alcoholic drink, my stomach just got worse. It never happened to me. Actually it was quite nice having lunch with them.

After lunch I went to the kotbar to clean everything and then I noticed my charger was missing. Result: someone stole it. YEY. Best birthday ever!... Duda appeared with a present, he gave me a book, The Picture of Dorian Gray, which was a great present. Yesterday, appart from Simon's present I also received one from Ronny: Photo Boot! Omg, so amazing. I loved all my presents!

We went to visit Simon at the hospital. Luca and Luisa were there. For sure it was a different birthday but I felt really good visiting my friend. Actually it was fun because Simon is just fun in every situation (you go boy!).

After the hospital, we got back from there at 8 p.m., we thought it was a good idea to have a gelato. We went to my residence because yesterday I put ice cream that Duda bought in my freezer. It was such a relaxing moment! After, I went to Duda's place and we had dinner together. We went to The Capital as well and after, when we were going to Luca's place, we found Ronny which came with us too. It was soooo much fun. I totally felt asleep in Luca's bed like always. I don't remember at what time our night ended, probably 3, probably 4, who knows.


Today I had to go to Erasmus coordinator office to get my transcript of records. I went from Duda's place directly to there. Luisa and I went together and Simon joined us a couple of minutes later.

Since we were passing near Ronny's place, we saw him as well but really quick. We went to my residence because me and Luisa had to have lunch (it was around 4 p.m.). When I arrived to my kitchen, the responsible was there and we had a huge fight. God, that guy pissed me off. Oh well, I did lunch and actually Simon ate a little bit as well, although he already had lunch.

After some incidents in my kitchen, I went to Luisa's place because she wanted to sleep and I needed a computer. I spent around 2 hours looking for houses in London (I'll tell you later!) and then I reached Duda at Quick Burguer. Today I woke up with a thing in my eye and everyone looked at me in a disgusting way (thanks people!). I arrived and after 1 minute I left because I went to Alice's place to have dinner with her and Anna. Today was raining (che palle!). After dinner we went to Oude Markt where I was completely dying out of boredness. Luisa and me decided to have a random walk which was realllllllyyyy nice, I loved it.

The night ended really early because me, Luisa and Duda decided to go to Luxembourg tomorrow, so we had to sleep.


LUXEMBOURG! Ok, the city is really small, it took us three hours to go and three hours to return. It was a fun day. I hear portuguese since we have a huge community there. It was nice.

When we returned, I went to Duda's place, had a shower and dinner there. Today was Alice's birthday which was on my residence. So it was quite nice because I got to trade my clothes (LOL!).

The birthday was nice. At first was calm and then me and the girls (Anna and Dzemila) thought we were the next Spice Girls so we put music and start to dance as whores (of course). Luisa was with us but she has a brain, so she wen away (ahah). After this moment, we went to Oude Markt, to Saloon  and then Belge and I was the only who was sober (after my brithday, good Lord!, no more drinking again) so actually I took care of Duda because he was drunk as fuck.

Today I saw Luka (the slovenian guy, still remember?) which was sooo nice. Omg, I don't know for how many months I didn't see him! 


Today I woke up at 2 p.m., had my salad and then I went to Anna's room. Today it's her last day and I wanted to spend time with her. I was just doing her company and then Duda called me complaining like a baby "I want food". I fed him and then I went to Anna's kitchen because Luisa and Alice, in between joined her, and Anna wanted to cook. Duda appeared for 1 minute and then went to shower.

After spending time with Duda, which was feeling better from his hangover, I had dinner with Luisa and Simon. We spooooke a lot, it was so fun. Luisa was late as always so at the beginning it was just me and Simon. Today I had oats after dinner, because I found free food in the first or second floor and I got some oats from a brand that I really like. I have problems.

We went to Oude Markt, to Belge and then we had a strange moment. A guy, out of nowhere, joined our group and he was looking for weed. I was really scared, he looked really suspicious. We went away as soon as we could. SPOOKY!

Anna said goodbye to everyone but today I slept in my residence so I could be the last one to say her goodbye right in the morning, tomorrow.


I woke up with Anna knocking on my door. We went to her room. It was around 6 a.m., I was completely sleeping so actually, when we said goodbye, I didn't feel that sad because I knew, and I know, that with her, it will never be a goodbye but a "see you soon". I returned to bed and when I woke up I just felt empty. My soulmate was no longer in the same country as me.

At 2 p.m. I had lunch and then I went to the Health Insurance and City Hall. I found Luisa in the way, Abílio, Luka and Ronny, Dea... Sometimes this city is really small! After dealing with all my business, I passed Luisa's place but only for a short stay because then I went to Duda's (sometimes I never stopped!). 

Today it was Raquel's goodbye party so I went to the restaurante where she and the rest of the people were. The dinner had finished and so we went to The Capital. It was nice and a chillin' moment. Around midnight, I went to her place because she wanted to give me softner. I also had dinner there and we just shared a girl moment: magazine time!

I went to Belge where Luisa, Ronny and Simon were. The night was quite normal, me and Luisa went home together. Duda met us in the way and I finished my night in the back of his bike (like always!).


I had lunch at Duda's place and then I went to my residence later in the afternoon (I just take his place as my own). We had dinner all together at Patricia and Sara's kitchen and I'm not exaggerating when I'm saying that we waited one hour for the water to boil. I will never miss these stoves as you might imagine!

We had rice with basically everything and then we went to the kotbar to see the match (that epic game where Germany won for 7 goals against 1) and Raquel was also there. Today was Simon and Luisa's last night so we went out to Belge. Ronny and Luka also joined us because it was their last night was well. We first passed in The Capital, of course.

The night was full of emotions, it started kinda bad but it turned out to be really good apart from the fact that I had to say goodbye to Luka and Ronny. Btw, because Leuven is full of weirdos, there was a rich guy speaking a lot who wanted to give us 50 euros. It didn't happen though (thanks Luka!).

I returned home and I was feeling really sad. I didn't cry when I hugged Ronny (boy, you're giving some nice hugs huh!) but when I was on the elevator a tear rolled. Duda comforted me.